The Lamb Barbeque is a joyous celebration of Canada Day, centred around a traditionally prepared open fire barbequed lamb meal. Remember the ‘good old days?’ Our BBQ has an old-fashioned country fair flavour that kids and adults enjoy. Our community has hosted the Saturna Lamb Barbeque on an annual basis since 1950 when it began as a school picnic on the Campbell’s farm at Saturna Beach in celebration of our July 1 national holiday. Read More …

A Fun Filled Day

Ticket sales commence at 9 am at the gate – Gates open 10:00 am to 4:30 pm  – Opening ceremonies at 11am – The time for serving lamb meals is between 1:30 and 2:30 pm.

Melanie and Susie

A shuttle service is available from the ferry dock to the site for foot passengers.

A shuttle service to and from the ferry dock and the barbeque site is available for foot passengers. The shuttle meets the 10:24 am ferry and takes foot passengers back to the 3:40 pm ferry.  


Floating Bakery...Fresh Cinnamon Buns Delivered to Your Boat in Winter Cove.

We have a floating bakery service serving fresh baked cinnamon buns to boaters anchored in Winter Cove between 7.30 – 8.30am.

Odds and Ends

No alcohol to be brought ashore or on site –

Dog sitting service is available

Due to overcrowding last year, the dog-minding rules have changed and space is now limited to 12 dogs at a time.  All dogs should be well behaved.  We are volunteers and cannot provide care for anxious or aggressive dogs.  If your dog is anxious and we cannot calm them, we will call you to come and fetch your dog. 

Your dog may stay with us for 2 hours max.  The fee for 2 hours is $20 and must be paid up front.  

After 2 hours you have the option to take your dog for a 30 minute walk, and if there is still room, your dog may stay an additional hour for a fee of $10.

Pet minding closes at 4:00 pm, please be prepared to pick up your dog at this time.

Smoking only in a designated area.


Life jackets must be worn boat to shore and return –  lots for sale i.e used books, crafts and T-Shirts – Alternate food is available (vegetarian, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream)




Get in Touch

Any questions can be sent by email to – Groups of 6 or more may reserve tickets by emailing us at the same email address.